Laurel Lucienne Fine Embroidery
Company Information

Thank you for visiting the home of Laurel Lucienne Fine Embroidery. I hope that after viewing the portfolio, you obtain an idea of the custom hand-embroidery that the company offers. Each piece is embroidered with love, care and attention to the little details that make these items heirloom-quality.

Please visit this website regularly, as we will be adding new samples to show work done with painting on silk, beading, sequins and goldwork, with fashion stylists and costume designers in mind.

I am mainly self-taught in hand embroidery, taking private commissions for the past four years, although I have been an embroiderer for almost 10 years.  I had  the pleasure and honor to study with a noted artisan in France and continue my studies with her as often as possible. I speak French and have traveled and lived in France. I consider the language, culture and people an integral part of my life.

The name of my company is derived from my name and that of my French great-grandmother, Lucienne;  known for her avid love of embroidery.

Laurel Lucienne Fine Embroidery is comprised of several highly talented artisans who create strictly hand-embroidered pieces. Each piece takes many, many hours, great skill and dedication. Deadlines are crucial and yet the work cannnot be completed as quickly as machine-embroidered items.   Those who have had a taste of the finer things in life will appreciate the difference in quality, character, detail and scope of what hand-embroidery accomplishes in comparison to a machine product.

The company works in conjunction with interior, fashion, and costume designers, stylists and private clients to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces. We can execute designs created by a client, or work with them to create a design to their liking. We also have a fine artist on staff to produce designs, renderings, and painted designs on fabric  that can then be embellished with embroidery, beading, sequins, goldwork, and/or passementerie.

Contact Laurel Lucienne Fine Embroidery at the address and telephone number below. E-mails are checked regularly, but phone is the quickest way to contact the company


Laurel Pulvers, proprietor,
Laurel Lucienne Fine Embroidery